Hot Foiling

Foil blocking – or hot foil stamping – is a finishing technique where heat, pressure and glossy UV are used to bind a thin film of metal to paper or card. It is used throughout the printing industry to create attractive solid, pearlescent and holographic colours and effects on packaging, stationery, brochures and more. 

Brass and copper plates create the die for the more intricate designs, with zinc alloy used for less detailed areas. 

The use of foiling can really help a project stand out from its competition, giving it a premium edge. The use of gold, silver and copper foiling adds an element of luxury and can be used to highlight specific design details. For special events, foiling adds a celebratory tone to any packaging, invitation or brochure.

Foiling can be applied to all sizes of project and although metallic foiling is most common, a wide range of pigment and gloss foils are available. 

How and where to use foiling is up to you but it’s often most effective to minimise the areas to really focus on particular design or content details. Metallic foiling works really well on packaging, particularly on a logo.  

To find out what foiling could add to your project, do get in touch.